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Although this may sound silly to you, I am giving you a heads up.  Perhaps you already knew about this and hadn't thought it a worthy topic.  Me?  I'm sharing.

 In our yard, I have a Columbine that is so full in the Spring that it must be nearly two feet wide and mounding to nearly two feet.  Producing beautiful multitudes of flowers, it loves where it is and always does me proud.

In addition to that one, I have others scattered around the yard in the other beds and along my stone wall.

Columbine is so easy to grow especially in woodland gardens.  Having several varieties, I collect the seed and have shared it with many people over my gardening life.

However, Monday when I got home from the gym, as I wandered around the yard looking at what's new in the garden, I saw this...
this nakedness...this devastation...this disaster of a plant!

Yes, this was that Columbine!
 Although the stems of the flowers were unscathed and had begun to bloom, the plant itself had been reduced to mere nothingness with the exception of THREE...maybe FIVE (because I was too annoyed to actually count them!!) leaves!!

Next mission...Google and the results were amazing...just what I needed.
  (Columbine Sawfly LarvaeGarden Guide to get you started but there's a ton of info!)

Mixing up a batch of the soapy mixture and spraying the heck out of each and every Columbine, I couldn't help but notice what's new in the garden were shriveling up and some even appeared to be doing the back stroke beneath the partially eaten leaves.

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Oh, one more thing.
Even the Pres nearly fell over when he saw what was new in the garden!!!


Barb said…
I just love Columbines and so far haven't had any bugs or critters feast on them! Hope you stopped the devastion with your brew.
TexWisGirl said…
hope you caught them in time!
Ann Thompson said…
I thought you were going to say the deer ate them. At least if it was deer you could almost forgive them since they're cute
MadSnapper said…
glad there was an easy fix and next year you can spray before they destroy your flowers. i am going to check the soapy stuff and we can use it here.. we don't have the same plant but i bet it works on whatever is eating bob's plants.
I don't have any columbine. Glad you figured it out though!
Linda said…
I had lovely columbine plants when we lived in The Netherlands. And luckily no squirmy wormies to have then for dinner! Success with your soap concoction. I have been pulling weeds! Linda@Wetcreek Blog
How lovely, JP! I grew columbine when we lived in Alaska. They were one of my favorites because of their simple beauty and daintiness.
Laura said…
The blossoms that remain are still beautiful. Thanks so much for the tip, this happened to my columbine last year. I will go to the link and mark it just in case.
Stephanie 139a said…
Oh no! but they're beautiful flowers, hope your others survive
Purple is my favorite color too...so sad to see that these blooms were a meal for critters. Hooe they come back, JP.
Rambling Woods said…
Oh no..... They are beautiful. I am glad you found a non-toxic way to treat them.... Poor plants and you both... Michelle
cedarmerefarm said…
I had the same problem!!! My columbines have always done extremely well with very little (next to nothing) care. But this year, they were totally stripped before I realized what was eating them. I wonder why it's such a huge problem this year.

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