A Story: The Three Bowls of Porridge

I know it's June and the beginning of Summer is rapidly approaching but I just had to talk about "the luge" here in A Quiet Corner.  You do remember how our gravel road becomes a "luge" in the Winter once snow plowing begins, right?

When I read about "X-Mode optimizing engine output and transmission ratio, increasing all-well drive system engagement and uses enhanced control of the VDC system to reduce individual wheel spin, providing optimal traction on low friction surfaces" I thought that this was the car to suit my needs.

However, when I had the Pres try it on for size, I knew it was coming home. He and I wandered around the lot like Goldilocks. While she tasted three bowls of porridge, the Pres tried getting in and out of three distinct models I'd selected as potentials. Once we got to the Forester and I saw that it was easy for him to get in and out, I knew.  Oh sure, now before his open heart surgery, he can move about nicely.  I've been terribly concerned about his lack of mobility after the surgery.  Once I saw how easy it was for him and knew of their reliability in the snow, it was a no brainer.

As silly as this sounds, I am hoping the new car takes on MY personality.  I sold both the zippy, responsive Mini and my Jeep Sahara Wrangler...which loved to explore as much as I do.  Hoping this versatile car truly has two sides to accommodate me.

  Of course, all Fairy Tales have happy endings and ours is no different,  Tuesday when we went to see Luke, I drove and learned to use the lights and wipers!  On the ride home, the Pres had it easy with no inclement weather.  This bowl of porridge suited him nicely!


eileeninmd said…
The Forester does look nice and perfect for the Pres. But, you sold your cute mini and the wrangler? I hope you both get to enjoy the Forester. Have a great Friday and a happy weekend!
MadSnapper said…
that is how i ended up with the Kia Sorrento, i tried on more than 30 cars before i found the Just Right for getting in and out of. i love your mini, but the Forrester is a great car, my friend Lola has one and she loves it.
Ann Thompson said…
Your new Forester looks very nice. The older I get the more important it is to have something that's easy to get in and out of. I've noticed such a difference in my escape compared to what it was like getting in and out of the car
Rambling Woods said…
Yes, being able to get in and out easily is important... Glad you found a good vehicle

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