And Then We Played

All of us are tired here.  The Pres has gone for more tests over the past week, one of which took up an entire day.  The dogs were literally thrown outside early in the morning and we didn't return until after 9 pm.  It was along and grueling day.  However, the results are being given to both his Cardiologist and Surgeon who will make the ultimate decisions on what to do and how.  We are hoping that our consultation with the surgeon on the 19th does not get re-scheduled.

So the next day, we played!


MadSnapper said…
Poor lonely pups. glad you got to play next day. hope all works out well with the surgeon.
We too hope that Joe gets good news. It's always hard waiting for test results and the uncertainty makes it worse.
Sending hugs lots of hugs. B
Mary Hone said…
I hope everything goes well.
Pamela Gordon said…
You both deserve a rest from all the work and also the tests that the Pres is going through. I hope all will be well and the right decisions will be made for him. Take care.
Ann Thompson said…
All of you deserved a play day after that.
Rambling Woods said…
Good to take a break to play!

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