Little Things

count...regardless of where you are:

Connected to monitors and an IV, I lay shivering in the ER last week. The Pres held my hand and never stopped rubbing my back in an effort to help keep me warm. Yes, it's the little things that count.


Listening to their high pitched chorus, whether in the early morning hours while gardening or in the evening,the Little Peepers are always there too.  Yes, it's the little things that count.

These little guys love my gardens and seem to do a great job devouring more than their weight in bugs!  Read more interesting stuff about them here:  Spring Peepers

Sharing a few little things with you and those at


It's always the little things that add up in many ways. I used to enjiy seeing those little frogs in our gardens in VA and always hoped they would stay out of harm's way when we were digging theough weeds.
eileeninmd said…
I am glad your hubby was there for you! I love the cute froggies. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Have a happy weekend!
sandyland said…
we have some poisonous ones in Fl this year
I love peepers , he really blended in with the wood! Thanks for sharing,phyllis
Starry Dawn said…
Yes! It's true about the little things, little moments one after another that add up and bring a whole new day to cheer us up, to bright up our lives.
Unfortunately, I live in a big city away from what I love the most, countryside homes surrounded by mother nature & wildlife.
Perhaps, one day, my dreams may come true...
Thank you for visiting my sites and posting your lovely comments!
Have a blessed weekend! Happy Father's Day too! God Bless!
Hope, Peace & Love,
Poet Starry.
Gayle said…
Go glad you are back in the garden.
I was looking for a teeny tiny peepers and then here it was close up. Fun pictures.
It took me a bit to finally see the wee froggy sitting there, all blended into his background.
I LOVE frogs. I wonder if I was ever a princess??
Another "Naw!) :)
Big hugs!
Anni said…
Lovin' this goodness, its so well camouflaged. Isn't nature super?
E. Beth. said…
i love little toads and frogs like this ... we have them all over our yard ... they start out super small ... way cool. ( :
Gosh hope you are feeling better.
Anonymous said…
Lovely post.
Debbie said…
I could barely see him......and it is the little things for sure!!
That guy is a cutie---I'm glad he made you smile.

Jane x
Mimsie said…
Hope you are OK now. I've had Phil sit and hold my hand a few timss when in the ER and been so thankful he has been there for me.
They say if there are frogs then it is a good environment which speaks volumes for your lovely garden.
My daughter often has frogs in her garden. It is outer suburbia and she loves to hear them. We had one visit one year and we'd hear him/her each night for weeks. We missed the call when it ended and we don't even know what happened.
Thanks for sharing some lovely pics.
God bring you back to health! I am so sorry you have been awesome to have your hubby by your side. Yes, it's the little things!
Anonymous said…
Great post! Beautiful and wise. Stay well.

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