It was nice to be able to feed my son when he came over to pick up the Wrangler. The Pres wasn't home from work yet so we actually got in a little one on one...a pleasant change. Feasting on leftover spare ribs and freshly made coleslaw, he told me what he thought was going on with his car. Reassuring him that him taking the Wrangler just in case would make me feel better, he agreed reluctantly. Then his eyes lt up like a kid on Christmas when I showed him the package I'd received earlier that afternoon.

There, against the wall of the garage, wrapped securely was the replacement left front fender for my old '98 that I had ordered.

I knew that I just needed the right guy to do the job since the Pres is really not fond of working on cars.

My son and I had often talked about finding a fender at a junk yard. Then, one day, I looked on line only to find the price was right.

As you can see, the driver's side front fender had two areas that had rusted through. The rest of the body is in awesome condition.

However, look at the replacement, which my son installed the other night. Of course, it has to be painted and clear coated, but it was perfect.

Of course, the first pic my son sent me made me a tad nervous....because I knew the part I ordered was not that big!

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Ann Thompson said…
Nice to have someone who can do that kind of work for you. Labor costs are outrageous
I do love it when a plan comes together!!! :-)
You did a good job there JP.
Your son has also done a good job.
looks like new.
Always great to get in a one on one with our children.
wishing you a good week.
val x
MadSnapper said…
i never even thought about looking for a fender online. great idea and it is perfect. good you have someone to do the work

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