Simple Things

Yes, it's the simple things that seem to make me the happiest.  Asking the Pres to build a new bat house didn't seem like a big deal.  Besides, he's allowed to do things as long as they are not anything too taxing.  The request came from me.  The directions came from CT DEEP, Division of Wildlife.

The results came from the Pres.

Sharing the simple things with you and those at

Thanks to our DEEP, Division of Wildlife, monitoring the most common bats here in CT is a priority.  Did you know that:

  • Bats do not multiply like rabbits.
  • Even sick bats rarely attack people or pets.
  • Bats are not attracted in hordes by the scent of other bats.
  • Bats have very few parasites, so additional spraying for parasites is not necessary.
  • Permanent physical exclusion is essential for any bat control job.
  • The use of poisons to eliminate a bat colony is illegal without a special permit.
  • Bat guano is not "toxic"
  • Rabies rates in bat populations are not increasing


eileeninmd said…
A great idea to put up a bat house. They need all the help they can get. Happy Monday, have a great week ahead!
MadSnapper said…
no, i did not know any of this about bats, we see a few of them when we walk at dusk, i am always afraid they will land on me, because they swoop just above our heads. so is the bat house for them to live in? like a bird house?
TexWisGirl said…
i appreciate their insect eating. :)
Ann Thompson said…
I learned a little bit more about bats today. That's a nice bat box the Pres built
Karen said…
I have been asking Hubbers to build a bat house for our yard. We enjoy watching them at dusk.
FAB said…
The Pres did a grand job. Bats everywhere need all the help we can provide.

Hope you are both having a good week and finding time to take it easy.
Thanks for all the bat info, JP, most of which I admit to not knowing before. Seems like they are useful to have around.
Laura said…
This is something we should have here. I rarely see bats any more, and that makes me so sad.
Hootin' Anni said…
I know a lot of people collect's supposed to be excellent fertilizer!!

Interesting post.
Rambling Woods said…
Oh I Love this... The bats thank you both.... Michelle
Betty said…
At one time I had a bat house in the yard, but I never saw a single bat. Did visit an old abandoned train tunnel and watched thousands of bats come out at sundown. It was amazing.

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