The Good Hearted Man

Last week the Pres finished up a few odds and ends around the yard.  By Friday, the day we had our consultation with his surgeon, nearly everything was done.

Intentionally leaving part of the fence in back of the garage unfinished last Fall, he decided to tackle that task last, making the gate for that space in no time.

She (Moon) watched him work the entire time until I showed up with the camera and she turned in my direction.  

I wonder if the dogs can sense the good hearted man has a bad heart.

Delicate, lacy shadows gracing the finished product made by the good hearted man whose heart will be like new after surgery.

  The open heart surgery includes:
Aortic valve replacement (biological bovine origin)
Ablation (to prevent future Atrial Fibrillation)
Sectional replacement ascending aorta
Vein graft bypass of coronary artery
Left Atrial appendage clip

Surgery for the 5 procedures will take about 5 hrs and he will be in the hospital for 5 days. He goes in June 30th.  Our anniversary is July 4th.

Hoping you have a great day celebrating with your families today.  




Shadow Shot Sunday  


Mimsie said…
I am sure animals, and dogs in particular, are very aware of people's problems and that is why Moon stayed keeping watch, just in case.
My brother had an aortic valve replacement several years ago plus other treatments and he is doing fine now.
I am sure it will be wonderful to celebrate your anniversary together on 4th July wherever the Pres happens to be. The hospital staff will make a fuss of you both if he is still there.
Father's Day in Oz is in September but do wish the Pres Happy Father's day from Perth, Western Australia.
eileeninmd said…
JP, wish happy Father's Day to your hubby from me. I do think dogs and animals have some sense when their human is sick. They can be very protective usually. My thoughts and prayers will be with you and your hubby on the 30th. Heart surgery seems to be a pretty common surgery lately. Have a happy Sunday and new week ahead!
Our best wishes to Joe for a Happy Dad's Day today. Thanks for the update and we will be keeping you both in our thoughts and prayers.
Sending best wishes for a successful surgery and full recovery to a good hearted and GOOD hearted man.

TexWisGirl said…
moon is a beauty. hope all will go perfectly for the pres.
5-5-5---not bad for something major. Hope all goes well for both of you.

Shady Stones
Mary Hone said…
I know dogs can sense when things are not well. I will be sending all kinds of positive thoughts your way for a fast, and wonderful recovery.
Inger said…
I'm sure dogs know, they are so in tune with us. I'm sorry that you, two such good hearted people, so kind and caring, have to go through this. Looking at all the procedures you listed, there's no doubt the Pres will be as good as new afterwards. I will keep you both in my thoughts and prayers. Sending love and hugs, Inger
Happy Father's Day to the Pres and my best wishes and prayers for successful surgeries and a speedy recovery. We'll all be pulling for both of you. Hugs, JP.
Ann Thompson said…
I read a book once and of course it was fiction but it went in to describing how dogs can tell when someone is sick. they may not know exactly what is wrong but then know something is.
I'll be thinking of you both and sending prayers for a successful surgery
Pamela Gordon said…
I do believe that dogs 'know' when something is not right with their humans. Thinking of you and your husband this week as you meet the doctor and prepare for his surgery. God bless! The fence gate looks great. Nice to have that out of the way so he can recuperate and not keep thinking "I should get that gate done". :)
Felicia said…
The Pres will be good as new and a good hearted man still.
Lina Gustina said…
Hope everything goes well and your husband will get back his great health again.
Thanks for dropping by :)

Rambling Woods said…
It is a big thing hanging over your heads... You are in my thoughts!

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