The Matching Pair

Out for a drive in the new car one sunny afternoon, I spotted this horse and fence.  I thought that would be cute for one of the memes I enjoy, so I stopped.

It wasn't until I went to take the pic that I realized they were the same color!

See what I mean?

Sharing the matching pair with you and those at

Good Fences

And speaking of the new car, I also have a story to tell you.
Pulling into the local WalMart parking lot, I stepped on the brake, stopping the car and turned the key to shut off the engine.  Well, the engine shut off BUT I couldn't get the key out of the ignition!
Thoughts raced through my mind:  call Honey, drive to the dealership, LOOK IN THE BOOK
The last thought won out.  Did I KNOW that you can only remove the key if the car is in PARK?
Nope....LOL!  But you have to cut me some slack here.  I've been driving standards ever since I was 16!!


eileeninmd said…
Pretty horse and a great fence find. I can not talk about your key incident, I've been there too. Have a happy day!
Gayle said…
Maybe the horse thought you wouldn't see him.
In the model I now have, the radio stays on until you open the door. If I'm preoccupied, I find myself thinking I didn't turn the key off.
Stewart M said…
Funny car story. Did you know that there is an arrow on the fuel gauge that point to the side of the car where the fuel cap is?

Neither did I until recently!

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne (briefly)
MadSnapper said…
love the horse the odd little barn and the fence and they all match... my story is like yours, but it was daybreak on the river and i could not get the car to turn off, the key would not turn, i called bob and said i am down at the river and the car will not turn off... he drove down and got in and put it in PARK.. the Vue nothing worked unless it was in park... he has never let me forget it.
EG CameraGirl said…
True! The horse IS the same colour as the fence.Isn't it funny that sometimes we don't notice such things until we have the photo up on our screens?
E. Beth. said…
yes, i did know about only taking the key out when in park ... i am trying to think when that started?? i guess it is a safety thing??? very smart i think. how did i miss your new car? did you get rid of the mini??

i think you planned the horse/fence combo ... right? come on ... tell me ... i can keep a secret. maybe the horse had on a sheep costume. what is that saying? like he had on another skin to look similar to the fencing. why is it when you want a quote from your brain ... nothing shows up??! some one needs breakfast. later!! ( :
A said…
Wonderful rural scene!
Psst, the Walmart incident never happen ;)
21 Wits said…
Funny story, I like your horse capture, pretty view.
TexWisGirl said…
they are nicely color-coordinated. :)
Lea said…
Yep, same color! Nice sky, too!
I've been there! I think the key to learning is when we need the knowledge. Otherwise, it is easy to forget and overlook. :)
Nice rural scene, pretty neat lean-to barn also. I like that.
Love the horse adn looks like a new shed for him
Beautiful. How clever of them to get a horse to match their fence. ;-) and yes, I did know that...because of the experience. Also, if the steering wheel isn't just right that can happen too. That one also from experience. :-)
I have done that must be in Park thing. My Hero to the rescue embarrassing:):) They are the same colour the fence and the horse. Hug B
Ida said…
Great shot of the horse and it's matching fence. - Funny story about the key. Good safety feature though.
Ann Thompson said…
Not many horses have matching fences. :)

I did something similar years ago after getting a new car. I didn't realize their was a button on the steering column that released the key.
Anonymous said…
Lovely scene.
Always exciting to get a new car, but a bit of a learning process.
Congrats JP on the new car and as I seem to have missed your previous post telling about it, what type did you get? Hope to see a photo of you and the car soon, unless you have already posted one.
Rambling Woods said…
Oh been there...done that!
Anonymous said…
Nice horse and nice fence.
Felicia said…
they are the same color.

great fence find JP
betty-NZ said…
I've always love horses but never found the desire to ride one.

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