The Unexpected

Doing all this yard work on my own has given me a lot to say the least.  Although I cannot operate the 62" walk behind commercial mower, I have been holding my own with the weed eating and other tasks.

Achy joints in my hands and back as I crawled through the beautiful ferns and flowers were soothed with muscle rubs and Vicks...yes, Vicks!

All those additional miles I've been racking up on my exercise tracker simply by doing yard work has helped my drop five pounds!

Of course, there were a lot of good things that simply appeared overnight too.  Smiling as I almost literally watched the "Interrupted Ferns" develop (see that area of brown in the photo above?...hence, the name "interrupted")

and even a few things I really wasn't expecting....

And then the unexpected. 

Exhausted beyond belief both mentally and physically, I hit the sheets one night and woke up with this the next morning...

It isn't the best selfie, but you get the idea, right?

Do YOU feel itchy now?

Mosaic Monday


Ann said…
some unexpected things are nice. That one I say not so much. Too bad you can't return to sender :) Is it something you got from poking around in the garden?
Mimsie said…
Is it an allergy to something in the garden or something you were using in the garden perhaps? You sound exhausted and need to put your feet up and rest a while. Hope you find a quick cure for that rash. Take care of yourself, please.
EG CameraGirl said…
I know how you feel about having to do quite a lot of the yardwork yourself as it's my job too after my husband had a stroke last year. BUT fortunately I do not have a rash! I hope you are using something powerful to relieve the itch.
Linda said…
Poison ivy!! Don't scratch!! Easy for me to say!! I actually like yard work, but it is too hot down here. So my husband mows on the riding machines, I pull a few weeds, but the rest just grows. Weed eating two or three times a season is about all this yard is going to get. We live out in the sticks, so no one even cares but us. After saying all that, it is time to use the weed choppers. Praying for cooler weather! Linda@Wetcreek Blog
eileeninmd said…
Your flowers and ferns are beautiful! Is that poison Ivy, yuck! Hubby had some on his legs last week, silly him to wear shorts while working in the yard.. Have a happy day and week ahead!
MadSnapper said…
I had hoped your unexpected was good news and now i see it is BAD news.. oh my. what in the world is it? did it come from your garden? the garden is so pretty...and congrats on the five pound loss
Whew, JP, reading about the yardwork was nearly as exhausting as what you have been doing. And, whike I am not exactly sure if you had insect bites or posin ivy, both are nit much fun. Hope you are feeling better and Joe too. The Jeep fender was a great find!
Anonymous said…
Ouch! But the garden looks nice.
Pamela Gordon said…
Ouch. Are those bites on your neck? Yard work is all consuming this time of year and back breaking, sore muscle making too. Take care of yourself JP.
Oh, I'm so glad to see you back on line!!! The toes look lovely. I've been contemplating the same thing since I'm wearing sandals more these days.
Anonymous said…
Your hard work has certainly paid off. The flowers and ferns are so pretty. You deserve to put your feet up for a while. The rashes look itchy. Insect bites or plant allergy?
gardening always gives us some bite or other.
I get itchy, when i go for a walk to the bottom of my land with the dogs.. there is a weed that scratches too.
you got a few bites there JP..
hope the itchy goes..
happy wednesday.
val x
MTWaggin said…
Oh oh - be careful where you are crawling around and who it is with! ;)
Uh oh! It's always something. Reid just had a weird rash on his face that kept getting worse each day. It took 4 doctor visits before they finally decided it might be a staph infection (before that they thought impetigo or poison ivy) and prescribed antibiotics and steroids. That did the trick and he is looking much better.

I have been gardening a lot! I even just ordered some more seeds, after hearing a podcast on Appalachian gardening - I had to try the cushaw!!
Rambling Woods said…
Oh no, that looks terrible

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