A Southern Memory

When we lived in Virginia, one of our neighbors gave us a few sprigs of a plant she had.  Although it did well there, when we moved, I wanted to take a piece or two with us.  Over the past four years, we now have two beautiful, healthy, well-adjusted bushes...reminding me of Margaret.

Sharing the pic yet wishing you could smell the aroma of fresh strawberries!!

Shadow Shot Sunday


Ann Thompson said…
it is pretty. It never would have survived the trip if it had traveled with me....lol
eileeninmd said…
It is a pretty bloom and plant. So happy it survived the trip! Enjoy your Sunday!
MadSnapper said…
beautiful and you do have a green thumb, thinking of Alva
OMG. You have Florida Anise at your house???? What a treat.
A very pretty plant and flower JP:
What is the name of it. Its lovely.
Happy Sunday
Val xx
Anonymous said…
Lovely plant.
Felicia said…
it's pretty. Is it a sweet shrub.
Sue Seibert said…
Beautiful. . .what is it?
SmartFella? said…
Your posting are not Earth Shaking. Instead they are Comfortable & Relaxing & Soothing. We have enough Earth Shaking. Keep it up.
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Anonymous said…
So lovely!
Rambling Woods said…
It's good to have something tangible to remember... Michelle
Very pretty. I think of you whenever I drive by your old house :-)

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