The Fourth

From the ninth floor of the hospital, the view was quite interesting. Gazing below watching the activity became a pastime as the Pres sat sleeping in the recliner near the window. His open heart surgery was Tuesday. Thursday morning before I arrived, the catheter was out and the chest tubes were removed in my presence...both making him much happier. He hated the food. He hated the shower. He was anxious to go home.


You can almost see our place from here, I told him. There...where all the trees are, beyond the first ridge. So I told him to focus on the trees and do what you need to do to get out of here.



He did.

He came home today, the Fourth,

Happy Anniversary, Honey!


TexWisGirl said…
very good to hear!
Oh, JP, I'm so glad to hear this. I sure hope the Pres continues to do well. Hugs to both of you.
Ann said…
Awesome. Great way to celebrate the 4th
eileeninmd said…
Great news and a happy way to spend the 4th! Is it your anniversary? I wish you and the Pres a Happy Anniversary!
Gayle said…
Such good news. Your advice to look at the trees toward home was the best.
MadSnapper said…
HAPPY DANCE.. so glad he is home. bob has a heart like yours. all the nurses and docs signed it and dated it. it lives on the bed in this room and is Jakes favorite thing to grab off the bed and walk around with it in his mouth. we live that close to our hospital to. exactly 2 miles. so glad he is home.
Yeah both to Joe's successful surgery and to the both of you for your anniversary, JP. We are on the riad (again) spending the holiday weekend in RI and then going to VA for (more) house projects. We hope both the recuperation and celebrations continue to go so well❤️
Mary Hone said…
Yeah!! Great news!
Really wonderful news, and very interesting photos from the hospital room. Though Bill (my partner) was in hospital for much longer (four different stays, the shortest a couple of weeks and the longest almost two months) and had a completely different surgery, I, too, became very familiar with the view from his various rooms and photographed everything from the decor inside, to the architecture, wildlife (mostly pigeons and seagulls), streets and gardens outside. He is well enough now that we ride our bikes and/or walk every day, enjoying Vancouver's treasures but avoiding all things hospital-related :)

Give my very best to the Pres. Keep us updated. Love your blog!

Oh, and Happy Anniversary!
Monkeywrangler said…
Glad you were able to get the Prez home!
Anonymous said…
Happy to hear the Pres is home and on the mend.

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