The Sneeze

Walking slowly through the grocery store, we picked up the things we needed and headed to the registers. Running the items through the self scanner, the Pres placed items on the conveyor belt while I bagged. You see, I needed to be near the bags since he is not allowed to lift anything over 10 lbs.

Once the bags were loaded in the cart, I pushed, as he walked along side reviewing our receipt. All was going smoothly until we got to the car. Opening the rear hatch, I turned to see his hands reaching for the heaviest bag which contained a gallon of milk, a gallon of OJ, a half gallon of Almond milk, and the Pres' favorite chocolate milk. Lifting that is apparently natural instinct for a "doer", so I quickly leaned in, took those handles and handed him the bag with the bread and rolls. "Hon, you're not supposed to lift anything over 10 pounds for weeks," I said making eye contact. Reluctantly and annoyed, he caved, took the bag with bread and headed towards the passenger side of the car, his large ego following closely behind.

I think it was once inside the car, it happened. Taking him off guard, the sneeze...the boisterous, strenuous, deep sneeze...came out unexpectedly. Watching him seize his chest with his arms and groan was pain enough for me but it was when he said, "Holy crap, that hurt like a $&@-/@&$;?!" that my heart sank. It was his first sneeze since his surgery and not the last, although they got easier as time passed.

He is "doing good" according to the Pres when asked.  But he, I have also learned does not always disclose all the facts.  He says he is no longer light headed or dizzy which came out quite by accident with one of the visiting nurses.  She had asked the question to which he replied, "No."  Then he added, "Well, it doesn't last long, so no."  Today is four weeks since his open heart surgery and he thinks he is done. 

I do not share the same outlook because we did have to call the doctor's answering service a few times. His heart rate spiked while his blood pressure dropped really, really low. This continues to be a regular occurrence so I worry, although he doesn't.  In my old, logical mind, if a heart rate is high when sitting doing nothing, what will it do when he is actually "doing something"?

We have several follow up doctor's appointments along with his now routine blood work. I will admit that I will be more than glad when this phase is over!


eileeninmd said…
Wow, men they can be so aggravating. I do pray all is ok with the Pres! He should take it easy and follow doctors orders. You do have your hands full!

Wishing you a happy day and week ahead!
Sue Seibert said…
I feel you. He's being a man as hard as he can. Raf has not had open heart surgery, but he does have a pacemaker, and he tried to pass out in church Sunday when he was reading. Our priest's wife and I agree, we want to keep them around. That's why we do what we do! Sometimes they don't like it, but it's for their own good!
Ann Thompson said…
I feel for you, I really do. Men can be such a royal pain in the butt sometimes.
Oh, dear. Want me to come take a stick of firewood to him? Maybe this sneezing spell will wake him up. Hugs to you, dear girl.
I feel for you, JP. I can be real pain in wanting to get my way and nothing in the way, but men are super hard headed and have a need to prove themselves. Women just want to get the darn job done!!

I hope you both get into a nice balance where he can count on you and you can stop's an endless circle but I know you know that. So glad your man is making progress and maybe get some Benadryl soon!!!

Jane x
Sounds as if he is frustrated with the limitations, as many would be, and impatient at the healing time as well (no surprises there). Hope that your concerns and worrying will make him slow down a bit, JP, and take care of yourself as well💐
Rambling Woods said…
It must be hard for a proud man to be limited and hard for the people who love him too.... Hug

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