Factual Freedom

The weather forecast for the day was "a perfect beach day," they said on the early morning news. After the Pres woke up, I asked if he wanted to head to the beach. After hearing his, "No thanks," I made my sandwich, grabbed some fruit and bottled water and placed them in my small cooler. Strategically placing the cooler, the towel, the smaller camera and my wallet in my back pack, I ran downstairs to get the sunscreen. "Hon, put this on my back before I leave."  Setting the GPS, off I went.

And it
was perfect!

Lying back in the beach chair and adjusting my visor, I thought, "Wow! I've gone all morning and not thought about blood pressure numbers, heart rates, PT/INR, sodium, dates of doctor's visits, test results or the Pres."

As selfish as it may sound, it was wonderful!

Not only was the beach perfect, the things leading up to it added to the factual freedom.

When I pulled into the entrance to the park and saw the surrounding trees, I honestly thought I was in the wrong place.

Yet, once I parked the car and began following the small winding trail, I saw wetlands and marshes and knew I was headed in the right direction.

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EG CameraGirl said…
It doesn't sound selfish to me at all. I think you needed a break. ;)
MadSnapper said…
not selfish at all, you need alone time and also communing with nature time is healthy for your heart and mind and soul... that fawn is breath taking. a lovely beach that has trees, nothing better. how far did you have to drive to get there
eileeninmd said…
Hello, pretty scenes and sky images. Happy weekend to you!
Linda said…
We all need to " flip the switch" and just think about ourselves. Glad you enjoyed yourself. We enjoyed your photo shots! Linda@Wetcreek Blog
Ann said…
it sounds like a perfectly relaxing day and one that you were long over due to have. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself and had some "me" time
Sally Wessely said…
You needed a break indeed. I'm so glad you had this delightful day.
Mari said…
You deserve that beautiful, perfect day on the beach! It's beautiful. I did enjoy even by just seeing your pictures.
Gail said…
What wonderful pictures and what a blessing to have a relaxing day. I think it was over due.
I'm so glad you finally got some solitude for yourself with no distractions. You needed that to help replenish your soul.
Mimsie said…
What a wonderful break you had and a well deserved one as well. Beautiful pictures you shared with us, thank you.

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