Food Driven

A short post for today.

The Pres went in for his TEE and Electric Cardioversion Tuesday. He did fine and, once again, "it worked," dropping his much too high heart rate down to lower levels. I specifically asked his Cardiologist if he could walk the gravel road. The answer was "Yes, he can do that."

To celebrate, the Pres wanted food since he hadn't eaten since the night before. While I started the Subaru in the pouring rain, the Pres pulled his old flip cell from his pocket. The next thing I heard was him placing an order for Chinese from the local buffet. The following day we went to Ruby Tuesday's for ribs.

When he was being scheduled for the procedures, he said to the Medical Receptionist, "be sure it's not tomorrow because we're meeting friends for lunch."

I could NOT believe that lunch plans took precedence over food!!  

The day we went to lunch, he ordered some giant pastrami sandwich preceded by an array of chicken wings.

So, if appetite is an indication of wellness, he is definitely on his way!

Sharing (a fake horse but real fence) with you and those at


So glad he is doing better! And that food sounds so yummy!
eileeninmd said…
So glad the Pres is doing better now! I assume he does not have any dietary restrictions? I like the fake horse and fence. Happy Friday, have a great weekend!
TexWisGirl said…
hope he doesn't overdo it!
MadSnapper said…
since he has that great appetite, i am thinking he is FINE again... love the fake horse
Linda said…
No lectures about food choices today. Enjoy your weekend! And keep walking on that gravel path!Linda@Wetcreek Blog
that is good news, just hope he does not over step the mark
Gail said…
That's wonderful news. Eating is a good sign.

I looked at that horse twice and thought he has a wild eye THEN realized it was not real.
Pamela Gordon said…
I'm glad the Prez is doing well and enjoying his healthy appetite! LOL Love this fake horse and fence. Have a beautiful weekend and perhaps go for a walk on the gravel road. Hugs. Pam
So happy to hear it went well. Been wondering. Have you been able to get out in the kayak at all this summer?
Ann Thompson said…
LOL, he does have a hearty appetite doesn't he :)
Mimsie said…
Great news that he is doing so much better. Certainly nothing wrong with his appetite.
Ida said…
Well it's good to hear he's getting a hearty appetitie back.
Nice fence and a cute fake horse.

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