What Was

 It seemed to take my "Alva" a little longer to bloom this year.  Perhaps I took her out of the closest too soon.  When we lived in VA, I took her out in March.  Perhaps I should wait until April now that she resides in CT.  I wonder does the plant know she moved even though she's in the house?

Some of my Astilbes were just not as showy as they have been.  Too many tree roots that sucked up the soil's nutrients and water.  They, too, will have to be moved before the tree service comes to remove the trees.  However, I want to wait until after the trees are down to move the Hydrangeas so I can find the perfect spot for them.  I've been thinking and thinking about it but want to be sure.

Growing regardless of the lack of rain this year, the plants around the yard were not quite as showy as they've been in the past.

Sharing what was with you, Judith and those who visit

One more thing.  If any of you want to come help me move rocks or dig, feel free.


EG CameraGirl said…
Ha! I think you should come here and help ME! I have a ton of garden work too. ;))
MadSnapper said…
I have been waiting to see my grandmother bloom, she is lovely even if she is late. your flowers are wonderful.
Ann said…
You know I would absolutely love to help you dig and move rocks but I'm busy that day :)
Anonymous said…
Alva is lovely as usual.
Mimsie said…
That Alva is so lovely. I'd not heard of them before so maybe a northern hemisphere plant?

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