Past and Present

Although we don't celebrate much, I felt it necessary.

First and most importantly, celebrate our freedom and those who died for it.

Second, we went to the Cardiologist for the Pres' follow-up. His numbers (blood pressure and heart rate) were great! "Next step...remove the handcuffs," (although you and I know that the handcuffs have n been on for quite a while now).

The next thing I wanted to celebrate was that my sister remains cancer free as all her numbers were also great!
Next, I wanted to celebrate our shade anaylsis for the solar. It, too, was great, making our Green Bank rebate larger ($$$$) and our kWh production much greater!

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Hello JP.
I am slowly coming back to blogging. First, I want to comment and later a post.
I am so pleased to read about the Pres.. good news.. and also that your sister is ok.
sending best wishes. val
eileeninmd said…
Good morning, Congrats on all your great numbers. I am happy for the Pres and your sister. Happy Friday, have a great weekend!
MadSnapper said…
lots to celebrate and i love the shadow shot of your drink.
Joyful said…
This is all wonderful news! Congratulations to you and your family! Have a great weekend in celebration.
Ann said…
Sounds like everything is coming up roses there. Certainly cause for celebration.
Oh, I'm so happy to hear the Pres and Sis are both doing well. That's the best news.
Texan said…
Nice to get good news on so many fronts!! :O)

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