Simply Unforgettable

As you all know, I've been away.  Then this past week I needed time to "just be" here at home because I missed my life too.   

Since I hardly know where to begin, I will simply begin at the beginning.  However, I will tell you that I now look at the world with a different perspective...from a different angle.  And it is a good angle, one that you may be interested in.

I wish I could tell you every detail of my four day adventure "into the woods" however, you would be reading for days. Instead, as I share a photo or two, the story will be told. Bottom line is this, regardless of the stories, this experience was one of the best I have ever had!   And so, the entire four days...the entire gamut of everything I now filed in my mind under..simply unforgettable.

By sharing what I've learned, I'm hoping to give you a few ideas on how you too could improve the habitat in your neck of the woods.  It's easier than you think!

Great Mountain Forest has a long tradition of forest and wildlife management and is recognized for its implementation of sustainable forest management ...

The ride in was easy enough and although the gravel road seemed endless, I just felt that this was where I belonged.  The feeling was a good one when I was one of connection.  

Sure I have stories and you'll read about them, but you'll also see why this opportunity has me looking at things in a new way and what we are going to do to help.

Attending classes nearly all day, with some taking us outside into the woods for hands on instruction, by the evening my mind was full of facts.  But they were good facts...helpful facts...important facts.  Exercising my mind along with my body always feels good. 

Some of the things we plan on doing include:

maintain the small trail into the woods

(occasional mowing, resulting in grasslands with a perimeter of herbaceous habitat supporting Eastern Cottontails, Eastern Towhees and Turkeys, let alone the local Whitetail Deer)  

build a stone wall

 (which the Pres eagerly began this week, and planting things such as native wild black raspberries, providing cover for the small furry critters that need a protective habitat)

 eliminate some of the invasives on our property

(things like Multiflora Rose and Winterberry (click on the link for an outstanding fact sheet!!) can be replaced with beneficial native plants)

Brush Management – Invasive Plant Control Multiflora Rose ...

Natural Resources Conservation Service
Job Sheet –Brush Management (314). Page 1 of 3. Brush Management – Invasive Plant ControlMultiflora Rose – Rosa Multiflora. Conservation Practice Job ...

Yes, it will be a busy time for us especially since we are working on the trunk removal, plant relocation and solar installation as well.  

And when we're done, it too will be simply unforgettable!

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eileeninmd said…
Hello JP, sounds like you had a busy but fun time. I love the cute deer staring at you. I am sure you are a great student and learned a lot. Have a happy new week ahead!
Pamela Gordon said…
I think this retreat you were at taught you a lot of good things to help the land. It's great that you own an acreage and take care of it and now you have the information to make it even better. That's all good!
This is just what I needed to to my eyes you are curious and brave.! :)

Jane xx
Anonymous said… are going to be BUSY!!!
NCSue said…
It sounds like "unforgettable" is a good description!
I hope you'll come link up at
Ann said…
sounds like you came home with a lot of good information. Now you are going to be very busy
Rambling Woods said…
It sounds like a really good trip... I like the ideas and I am thinking about incorporating more wildlife friendly things.. Your rock walls will also provide places for solitary bees to build their nests which is important too. Thank you for linking I am thinking about my yard..Michelle

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