The Connecticut Strangler

You've all heard the term invasive species. When we lived in Virginia, it was Kudsu. Here in Connecticut, we have several culprits. Japanese Barberry is one that is very prevalent in our neck of the woods and is a "doozie" to eradicate. However, Bittersweet Vine is known as "the Connecticut strangler". Yes, the plant that produces those pretty red/orange berries that pop just in time for Fall decorating.

Artificial Version=Good

Since the vine strangles trees, whether deciduous or conifer, we do our part by nipping it in the bud.

Every once in a while, the Pres heads into the bordering property and clips the vine, severing it from it's roots.

As you can see, by the next morning , the vine has begun to wilt and die. The 100' pine tree can breathe a sigh of relief, saved once again.

While the Pres' effort is a noble one, I recently learned that the preferred way to control invasive species is to dig out the roots. So, as I walk around the perimeter of our property, I pull the new shoots.

Oh, one more thing.
Did I tell you I'm going away for four days?
Yep, heading "into the woods."

As a steward, I was accepted into a program sponsored by UConn, DEP, CT Forest & Parks to become a little smarter...:)


Four days in the woods yup I get that:) Enjoy. Hug B
Ann said…
that's one nasty plant if it can actually kill a tree.
4 days in the woods sounds like a trip that's right up your alley. Have fun and learn lots
I am pleased the pres got to cut the roots.. once we get the roots.. we can save a lot of good plants.
How great that you are off to the forest, you will be learning so much, and will see some of the animals.
best wishes JP.. enjoy it
val x
Rambling Woods said…
Thank you for doing that.. we too are on the look out for invasives here.. A course...I am so excited for you...Michelle
Ida said…
I do like the pretty berries this plant has but I guess if it kills other plants/trees it's a good thing to get rid of it.

Enjoy your time in the woods.
Invasive vines are the most difficult to eradicate and I hooe your efforts are successful, JP. You are sure to enjoy your 4 days in the woods.

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