Not Too Late

Last week, one of the things the Pres and I wanted to do was pick a few bags of corn so we could put it up for the Winter.

Earlier this summer, the Pres had helped his daughter and her hubby prepare several bags for their freezer.  Although the corn was good then, the Pres suggested that we wait until the September pick.

The day was perfect...warm in the sun with a cool breeze as we made our way up and down the rows, picking only the best.

Once the bags were full, rather than carrying them to the truck, we left them at the end of the row for pick-up at the end.

Rows and rows later, the Pres drove the truck stopping periodically to throw in another bag of the savory, yellow, sweet, juicy corn.

We picked all that corn in just a short time and the next two days we worked on preparing it for it's next life...the freezer.

As of this week, our friends farm is still picking which to me says it's not too late to head to your local farm to stock up!  If you've never had frozen fresh corn, you should.

Wishing I could share with you...:)


EG CameraGirl said…
Fresh corn is the best!!
Steve Finnell said…

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MadSnapper said…
so you freeze it on the cob? mother froze tons of it every year, but we had to take if off the cob. that was the best corn ever. yum
Linda said…
Yummy! Linda@Wetcreek Blog
Pamela Gordon said…
I just realized that I haven't had fresh corn on the cob this fall!!!! Eeeek. That's not good. I think the season is over here. You and the Pres got a good supply to do the winter. A lot of work for a tasty treat though!
Anonymous said…
It's so easy to do and I had plans to do so but my freezer is full to the room in the inn.
Ann said…
a long long long time ago we froze fresh corn and maybe we didn't do it right but it wasn't so good when we finally ate it

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