Problems Leaving Comments

So why am I having a hard time commenting on many of the blogs I follow?????


E. Beth. said…
wonder if google is being silly again? what a pain the rumpess. i got your comments. is only on google? or wordpress too?
Ann said…
I haven't had any problems with comments. At least not today
Gail said…
I have not checked mine. I get mine in email and I assume that is all that wanted to comment. I got yours with no problem.
Pamela Gordon said…
No issues here so far. Did you get something on your computer about Google taking over Blogger? I had it show up twice lately and chose to ignore it. It also had to do with Picasa which I know is now under Google. Not sure what is going on though. I don't like change!
Not sure. Sometimes I have trouble using my cell to leave comments.
I can't help you, sorry. Your comments always come through to mine, or at least I think they do.
Rambling Woods said…
I hate all the hoops I have to jump through to leave comments on blogger blogs... Takes so long
Not sure if I am having problems receiving comments because IF someone has had a problem, I am not sure HOW I would know, JP.

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