Say It Isn't So

Is it true that I have to change the name of my blog?

Is it true that because I have a "customer domain" my site is not secure?


If there any blogging genius' out there...



E. Beth. said…
i saw this too ... but i have it on my . com ("E." Lizard Breath Speaks blog) ... i keep looking at this post to see if you find out in news. i am interested too. ( :

my ?? is ... why do you need to secure. i know when you are buying items on the website .. you want to the https:// ... you want that "s" because you know it means that you are on a safe secure site. but why does your blog need to be secure, only one i buying anything from your site? does that make sense? weird to me.
Ann said…
mine is just a blog and I have no clue about anything
Anonymous said…
No blogging genius here sadly but if you DO have to change your name you won't have to change it too much...just go from A Quiet Corner to The Quiet Corner.
I'm clueless, and hope that you figure out your comment issue, and your blog "place" too.
MadSnapper said…
who told you it is not secure, where did you see it, it can be malware, a scam or something else. if you did your domanin through google contact them and ask, or contact the place you got the domain... just to make sure.

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