The General Himself

While sipping on my morning brew, I couldn't help but hear the ruckus. It was so loud that I was afraid it would disturb the Pres' sleep!

 Peering out through the (much too fancy) glass insert on the front door, there it was....pacing back and forth...back and forth. Over and over...back and forth...again and again..letting out it's call periodically.

Trying to understand why it was behaving the way it was, I watched it pace nervously...back and forth...gobble, gobble, gobble...back and forth.

 Chuckling to myself that he arrived a little early for Thanksgiving, my mind wandered back to last Winter.   I thought about watching them perch on the partially fallen trees in the woods in search of berries.  You see, if they attempted to land in the the deep snow, they wouldn't be able to get out.  

Meanwhile my focus shifted to another window.  It was then I spotted the rest of the crew, along with the General himself!

And this morning, wondering if the General himself will be parading around as he did the other day, I hear them "gobbling up a storm" again..  Apparently we have what it takes to keep them fat, healthy and happy...fence and all.

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NCSue said…
what a neat treat - love seeing wild turkeys.
thanks for sharing at
Linda said…
Showed your turkeys to my hub and he is jealous. The wild ones around our house in southwest Louisiana don't look anything like your beauties.Linda@Wetcreek Blog
TexWisGirl said…
oh, so cute!! would love to see some here. :)
LV said…
Great turkey show.
Pauline said…
They can make a racket, can't they? But I quite like the sound of their chatter. Your guests are certainly fine specimens!
Ann said…
I've heard of having a rooster wake people up but a turkey? Did the Pres sleep through the commotion?
That would be pretty cool to have them right there in the back yard. What do the dogs think about them?
Hello JP! Somehow, you dropped off my blog-list, but I'm hopeful that I've remedied that by "following" you -- What a fun post to return too! We're also seeing the wild turkey's and it's fun to watch them and hear them too. They can be quite the characters!

Hope all is well with you!
Anonymous said…
My in-laws used to have a flock of turkeys visit. How nice to catch the tail fanned out.
Bee Lady said…
How cool! We are in a state park and we see them every year, but this year...nary a turkey or a deer.

Cindy Bee
Breathtaking said…
Hello!:) A good alarm system you have there.They are sturdy looking gobblers.
Ida said…
How fun to have these Wild Turkeys visiting by your fence. - We have a few that sometimes wander into town here and it's always fun to see them.
Anni said…
Super post!!! Love the last image, and your narration.
What wonderful visitors! Giving everyone "what for" for the upcoming debacle! :-)

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