The Large Brown Blob

Driving by this field several times a week, there was never anything special about it.


Until one day as I whizzed by, I thought I saw something brown in the middle of the field...a large brown blob.  

In fact, I even mentioned it to a few of the folks at Tai Chi since they knew right where I talking about. They even asked me if it looked like a bear. 

Well, I finally stopped to see what it was.

Now just tell me if the large brown blob made you smile too.

Go ahead.  Tell me...:)
Just look how cute it large, so chocolatey brown and so blob-like.  And the only time it stopped eating was when I got back in the car and shut the door...LOL!

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Ann said…
LOL, it sure likes it's grass.
Anonymous said…
A living lawn mower lol.
Anonymous said…
Too cute!
Breathtaking said…
Há há!:)) Eating for more than one perhaps!
They would have had me running!

Jane x
eileeninmd said…
LOL, cute post and I love the sheep. They are so cute. Happy Sunday, enjoy your new week!
Marja said…
Beautiful Blobs Love these black sheep. Close by where I live there are a lot of white sheep with black heads so they come in all sorts
Pamela Gordon said…
Reminds me of that lost sheep that was found and had pounds of wool shorn off as it hadn't been shorn in a long time. Do you remember that on the news? We don't see brown blobs around here....mostly white ones. :)
Too funny, and you gotta love the focus!! :-)

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