The Unmistakable Squawk

Walking into the woods last week to check on the Eagles nest, all I found was nothing, which is just what I was anticipating since it is far too early for them to begin repairing the nest for this Winter.

Meandering back home on the trail, I was greeted by the Pres who was tinkering with the garden hose and reel.  Suddenly there was an unmistakable squawk.   The Pres immediately said, "Hon, sounds like your Eagles are back."

Smiling confidently, I responded, "Hon, those are raptors but that wasn't an Eagle.  That sounded like Osprey."  Thank goodness I still had the camera turned on.  Spotting the pair of large birds circling above us, I zoomed in for a closer look.  

Sure enough the unmistakable squawk came from the Osprey, floating on the thermals before the pair headed Southwest toward the dam.


Gayle said…
Great catch of the underside markings. Love it.

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