The Winter Project

Leaving the gym hungry as usual and anxious to get home, I pulled onto our gravel road and literally almost ran into our neighbor. Rolling down our windows simultaneously, she said, with a slight grin on her face, "There's an Eagle on your fence." 

I guess she expected me to be surprised and I was...that it was on the fence. However, I knew the Pres had been working on the Winter project since our friends had recently teased him about it.

You see, nearly two years ago...yep, TWO YEARS...I ordered a pattern so the Pres could make an Eagle. When the pattern arrived, he mmediatley declared it would be a Winter project since it involved working with my skill saw, sander and other tools sitting on my workbench. Yep, for two years, the pattern sat in the envelope collecting dust while the first Winter came and went. And now with second Winter rapidly approaching, along with some serious razzing, he decided it was time.

Anyway, pulling into our driveway, there stood the Pres pointing to his latest accomplishment...the Winter project.

All that's left is to finish the eye and decide where to put the Winter project.

It really came out nice though.  Using my Dremel, sander and skill saw, he paid such close attention to detail.

So, I wonder when the eye will be done.  What do you think?

Oh and one more thing.  Don't worry about all my tools.  The Pres already told me that the tools are staying in his garage...LOL!


Hi JP.
I think its pretty much the same for most of us. I speak for myself. I think of this and that project , some do eventually get done, but not all.
I love the eagle.. please post,when you have it sitting on your fence..or where you will put it.
its beautiful. Congrats to the Pres.
wishing you a happy tuesday.
val x
Pamela Gordon said…
That eagle looks pretty nice and will look great on the fence. Good job!
Ann said…
That looks awesome.
Felicia said…
beautiful piece of woodwork.
Texan said…
Nice job! Funny how it can take us a while to get to things... :O)
Ida said…
What a neat project. I like it.
Sylvia said…
JP, A wonderful eagle. It will look great anywhere! Sylvia D.

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