Being honest, I really wasn't that enthusiastic when my daughter told us the show we were waiting for was "XPOGO."  I immediately thought, "oh, joy...a bunch of guys jumping around on pogo sticks."

But, boy was I wrong...

Not about there being a bunch of boys.  Well actually, young men, including one from Russia and one the others from the States were all well known.

They were unbelievable as they bounced and jumped, vaulting over ropes, each other and volunteers from the audience.  And during one stunt, one of them came a little too close for comfort.  I screamed and my daughter jumped, squeezing her water bottle all over her...LOL!

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Ann said…
I don't think I would be brave enough to let someone jump over me with a pogo stick. I had no idea you could jump that high on one of those things
Pamela Gordon said…
Buskers are quite talented aren't they? We used to have Busker Festivals up here but haven't heard of any the past couple years.
MadSnapper said…
this is new to me, but i can see where it would be exciting to watch
A lively show to watch, something a little different too. We have buskers at our weekly farmers' market.
Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday.
I'm glad when we get cajoled into situations we might not choose for ourselves. Sometimes we are so very pleasantly surprised. What a fun show.

Wishing you a beautiful day... with lots of happy treats!

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