You Gotta Love A Ham

Our trip was wonderful...absolutely magical, in fact.

However, tonight is Halloween so I wanted to tell you a little story (what else is new?)

A few years ago, one of my favorite bloggers displayed a wooden pumpkin that she bought (if I remember correctly) at a tag sale.  Well, I fell in love with it!  Emailing Nancy for details, when she answered me, the Pres and I made three...the three in this pic.

You screw together the wood to the desired thickness.
(i.e. the one in the back is two boards, while the front two are three boards thick)
Notch the corners with the saw.
Spray paint with outdoor paint.
Drill a hole the diameter of the dried stem you use.

Adorable, right?

Well, before we left for vacation our friend Luke and his daughter (my house/dog sitter) stopped by for last minute instructions.  He commented on the pumpkins sitting on the front porch.  Later that day, he and his honey (Laura) came by and the Pres gave him a bunch of scrap wood while I ran to get the spray paint.

Adorable, right?

Oh, the dog?  He's extra!
Brutus insisted on sitting there when Luke took the pix. So today, I'm sharing the story, the pumpkins and the fact that you gotta love a little ham.


Ann said…
I love those pumpkins. Brutus is a smart dog. He knew that you needed something next to those pumpkins to gauge their size.
Anonymous said…
I admire those pumpkins....and the dog.
Pamela Gordon said…
The pumpkins are really sweet and so easy to make! And they last for a long time too. What a sweet pup! I'm glad you got home safely and had a wonderful time.
MadSnapper said…
they are really nice pumpkings and perfect for where he has them. and of course i love the 'ham' and the ham's name. Kisses Brutus
Gail said…
I love the pumpkin idea!!!!

Happy Halloween!
I have a few of those. Hams, not pumpkins!!!

Jane x
Breathtaking said…
Hello!:) What a good idea, they look great on your porch.
eileeninmd said…
Hello, Brutus looks cute posing with the pumpkins! I like the pumpkins, they look great on your porch! Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Have a happy new week ahead!
Unknown said…
O these are so nice! And ofcourse re-usable just perfect. And the dog he is just a adorable model.
Such nice homemade pumpkins! And cute dog!
The pumpkins are a great idea and will certainly last longer year after year, only downfall is that theybwould make a terrible pie, JP :-)
Ida said…
Very creative pumpkins and yep that little, "ham" is adorable too.
Rambling Woods said…
I love those pumpkins

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