Almost Green

It couldn't have been a more beautiful day yesterday...sunny, a slight breeze and nearly 60 degrees!!  Although I wanted to lie down a take a nap after getting home from the gym, I knew "the inspector" was due to arrive in about an hour so that thought came and went quickly.  After wolfing down my lunch and watching the Pres do the same, he announced he was going to go out and "mow one more time."

I was glad about that decision because chopping up the last of the leaves, he made our yard look great, don't you think?  

He ran over everything twice so the leaves got chopped up really small, serving as a nice fertilizer.  Then in the Spring, he will spread tons of lime to sweeten the soil.

So while he was busy, I hung out with the dogs.  Moon is now feeling back to her old self again (thank goodness), although she really gave me a scare for a few days.  Her eyes were watery and with having no appetite, I barely got her to eat a few snacks.  Poor girl.  Even Copper left her alone.  But, like I said, yesterday she was rambunctious and digging holes, catching a few rays.

Look at those goofy ears.  Even at the age of thirteen, he still reminds me of Yoda.  Filled with so much love and devotion, he is such a good dog (although he still is sometimes a "bonehead".)

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Oh, and one more thing.  We are now almost green.
"The inspector" came, did his part and now we just have to have the "net meter" installed and then they can "flip the switch" for our solar panels.


gld said…
The Pres is doing a fabulous job. The yard is beautiful. You may get your moisture in the form of snow before long!

Glad to hear your dog is much improved. I know how you all love them
Irma said…
Beautiful pictures.
I love the dogs.
Best regards, Irma
Ann said…
Glad to hear Moon is feeling better. It's hard when they aren't feeling well and can't tell us what's wrong
EG CameraGirl said…
The new-mown grass looks great! Glad to know Moon is feeling better!
Breathtaking said…
Good morning!:) Your garden looks great with the newly mowed lawn, and I'm glad that your dog Moon is feeling better. It's such a worry when they don't eat.

Thank you for passing by and your good wishes. I'm having to take a break for health reasons,but should be back soon.

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