Everything Was Right There

When you're in Magic Kingdom, everything...just about everything is right there.

Regardless of where you turned, there was something to occupy your mind, including a few beautiful birds!

As we climbed on board the raft to take us across the river to Swiss Family Robinson's Tree House, the Mallards were as calm as could be.

 One day, while eating lunch at a small bistro, a young boy was chasing and scaring the ducks as they waddled around.

We told him to stop, asking him how would like to have someone chase you while you were eating your lunch?

He seemed to understand what we were saying, turned and skipped off while the ducks continued to look for crumbs beneath everyone's feet.

An occasional Ibis would appear in the most unusual place.  This one came out of the building to look for crumbs.

Sharing a few of Disney's birds with you and those at


MadSnapper said…
beautiful bridge scene and good for you telling the child about the ducks. Ibis appear here all the time, in fact this one might have been here before he was there
Debbie said…
so many beautiful things to view there. i don't enjoy the hustle and bustle, nor the crowds in disney but there is also a lot to love about it....as you have shown here!!!!
Inger said…
What a beautiful bird that Ibis. Glad you are having such a good time.
Lovely finds in the Magic Kingdom!
genie said…
The Magic Kingdom continues to grow and grow. My daddy was with the firm that did many of the plans for the original WDW....way before Epcot. I was taken there when they were paving the parking lots. You do see a bit of everything. That bridge is beautiful. You must have been in the Japan section...if there is one. I have been back since my 50 year old children were young.
Breathtaking said…
Hello!:) I would love to go to the Magic Kingdome,...what a lovely place with lots of birds and pretty scenes to photograph and enjoy.
Small Kucing said…
It's indeed a magical kingdom for those who takes time and observe :)
Very Nice, don't you love it when you can see so much in such a short time!
Stewart M said…
I do like ducks - I would worry about people who do not!

cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

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