Just Do It

Whether you live in Florida where tropical plants flourish nearly year round as the balmy breezes caress the leaves....

or New England where the four seasons make changes readily...

or are fortunate to have gardens such as this...

make it work for you and for them. 
 Did you know that it is in our nature to help?  Nothing gives us more pleasure than knowing we are helping in some small way...whether it be a butterfly garden, a vernal pool, herbaceous borders, trees, grasslands, whatever you can do, just do it.

One of the most touching days of our vacation was when we had the opportunity to see the resident hospital for the animals at Disney World.  Surgeries are conducted in the mornings and performed on site.

We saw nothing but dedication personified when it came to the treatment and care of all their animals and Mother Earth.

They do not inhibit the innate desire of a tiger, for example, to hunt, but rather create barriers that protect the tiger's prey.  In this case, stalking is allowed.

So many of you already nurture nature in your own backyards which is why I admire you.
Thank you for being their friend.  

So many messages created by the public are posted within the confines of Epcot and Animal Kingdom...profound messages from children.

after all, nature never did betray the heart that loved her...
William Wordsworth

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NanaDiana said…
We were privy to watch a baby monkey's hand being operated on to repair a bad cut to his thumb and finger. It was amazing. We love Animal Kingdom and were lucky enough to stay there for a week several years ago...and had giraffes come right up to our sliding doors on the 2nd floor...amazing! xo Diana
EG CameraGirl said…
I think you are correct that we DO get a feeling of joy when we help, but isn't it strange that so many people don't seem to know that? Hmmm
Inger said…
Watching at the animal hospital must have been interesting. Helping is a gift that makes you feel good. I think people help more here in the U.S. than in many other countries.
Anonymous said…
What wonderful shots.
Donna said…
What a great spot to visit.....and I agree....in my garden, I garden for wildlife building a habitat more than an ornamental garden...and I feel good knowing that I am contributing to nature. in a positive way.
TexWisGirl said…
sweet children's notes.
Starry Dawn said…
Good Morning, sweetheart!
I was so thrilled to read your nice comments in my blog post, my friend.
Yes! I agree with you. I am also a nature and animal lover.
Planet Earth is our common home, and we should all take good care of it.
United we stand. Divided we fall...
The citizens of the world should be in charge to care for our precious
mother nature and our majestic animals. Extinction is forever.
I am sure the world will be a nasty and sad place to dwell without
nature and animals. Humans have been the worst predators on Earth.
I am so pleased to be called your friend. I am glad to have met you.
I am looking forward to reading more of your wonderful posts.
I love your photos, sweet friend. Thank you for visiting My Blogs!!
God may always bless you, darling.
Hope, Peace & Love,
Poet Starry.
Debbie said…
I really enjoy feeding my backyard birds, many birds I have nurtured back to health and paid special attention to. I wish I had deer in my yard I could feed!!
ann said…
Wonderful post. Love the New England photo, but more I enjoy the message that you send. Thank you for reminding us.
Beautiful words. Loved reading your post! It is a great pleasure to be able to help the little creatures in our gardens. In return, they help us. Making the ground more fertile, giving healthier plant life, more and better fruit for us to eat, and so on. Wishing you a happy day!
Rambling Woods said…
Yes, I agree... Just do it. I am hoping to visit a rehab facility about and hour from where I live to take a rehab class. Of course every time I sign up, I get sick..but I am going to take classes online until then... Sorry I have not been around. It was a busy time and then resting up...Michelle
There is definitely a good feeling in taking the initiative to help our friends in nature. Our subdivision front and back yards are a certified wildlife habitat and every visitor whether four legged or winged brings me pleasure. One winter we watched a skunk travel every morning through the snow along the side to the back yard and under the garden shed.

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