Our Blunder

It was because one of my readers that I pursued the topic of Bittersweet, that invasive vine we're trying to eradicate.  

One of my readers had asked me how to tell the difference between Oriental Bittersweet and American Bittersweet, the kind that used to be indigenous to my neck of the woods.  So, thanks to one of my readers, I did a little more digging (both figuratively and literally).


Refer to the diagram on page 2 of the link for thorough identification.

Just in case you are not aware of the difference between the two varieties, here are a few helpful hints:

 Oriental (aka Asiatic) Bittersweet:  

is invasive
it strangles vegetation
has spread East, West and South and heading to Midwest
found in a variety of habitats from roadsides, interior forests and even sand dunes
has fruit and flowers located in leaf axils along stem
capsules are yellow

American Bittersweet:

climbs vegetation but not aggressively or as large 
fruit and flowers in terminal clusters
capsules are orange

The bottom line is this.  The Pres and I thought our property was loaded with American Bittersweet.

We were wrong. 

Sharing our blunder with you and those at

Natures Notes


NanaDiana said…
Oh No! It is American Bittersweet that we have around here and this year I could not find any of it....well, I finally did- last week and I no longer wanted it then. lol

Now I know why your friend said to eradicate it! xo Diana
Interesting. On the same note I wrote about Chinese lantern that I found along my fence and was told to rip it out pronto if I didn't want it to take over. Savvy ladies out there, eh?

Jane x
eileeninmd said…
I think we have all learned from the blunder. We have some bittersweet growing in the back of our yard. I will have to take a close look. Enjoy your day!
Bee Lady said…
A neighbor texted me a couple of weeks ago asking if I knew that I had bittersweet growing on my property. I was all excited...until now. I'm going to check it out. We have every invasive plant there is on our property. I told our extension officer that he could have a tour of our property and show people what not to plant! Of course, it was all here before we bought the land. Thanks for the info.

Cindy Bee

Ps. Have you ever noticed most things invasive to nature here are from Asia?
MadSnapper said…
we have so many plants that are taking over, that i can't count them. but i don't think this is one of them
Ann said…
ask your oriental bittersweet if it has a green card but even if it does, send it packing any way....lol
Rambling Woods said…
I learned something today... Thank you.... Michelle
Laura said…
I will certainly take a closer look at the bittersweet growing on the edge of the woods in our yard now. Thanks.

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