Pumpkin Chocolate Swirl...YUM

Spotting the recipe in our local paper, I immediately said, YUM.  Chocolate and pumpkin go well together, I think and this recipe is living proof!

It makes one loaf and as you will read on the recipe, once the batter is combined, pour half in the greased pan, then drop dollops of the chocolate and swirl away.

Then add the remaining pumpkin batter and, once again, top with dollops of chocolate mixture and swirl away. 

Cutting into it while it was still warm, I couldn't wait to get the first bite into my mouth.  Then, mouthful and all...

Pumpkin Chocolate Swirl...YUM

Just sharing, that's all...:)

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E. Beth. said…
you can bake for me any old time OM, i will be your taste tester. ( :
yummy good i bet.
Nina said…
Looks really delicious!
Ann said…
that does sound good. YUM
This looks like it would hit all "my notes!" Delicious, I've no doubt!!
Gail said…
Drools will short out my keyboard!!!!
NanaDiana said…
OH- That does sound SOOO good. I was amazed, reading some blogs the last couple of days, the amount of people that DO NOT LIKE pumpkin. I thought they were joking at first. How can anyone not like pumpkin? lol Even BETTER with chocolate!
Thanks- that sounds wonderful. xo Diana
I know that must be so delicious!
betty-NZ said…
That sounds so gooooood!

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