Resting & Baking...Baking & Resting

Holy cow...where does the time go?  All I did this past weekend was rest a little (because I felt like my body needed it really badly and I always listen to my body), make three 9x13's of Apple Crisp and a new recipe I came across...Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bars.

 After all, it is almost that time, you know.  Only a few days away...:)

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Ann said…
Yum. If you need to go rest some more I'll keep an eye on those pumpkin chocolate chip bars for you :)
NanaDiana said…
Looking good to me!!! I am going to start tomorrow and get a few things done. I love all the prep (believe it or not)for the big meal! xo Diana
Rambling Woods said…
Oh that looks so good... I am trying to rest more as I tend not to listen to my body..
All thise baked treats look good, JP, and surely will be delicious for your holiday dining. Wishing you and Joe a very Happy Thanksgiving from both of us.
MadSnapper said…
yummmmmm on both of these and a good idea to bake ahead..

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