The Dormant Treatment

No...not for us but rather the of the life-sucking vines that strangle our trees along with those other invasives like Japanese Barberry and MultiFlora Rose!  Yes, it is an enormous undertaking but since it was warm enough, we decided to tackle (or at least continue) to treat the invasive species this past weekend.  

However, since our area has already had several frosts and most of the leaves have turned if not fallen off, the Pres suggested we resort to a process used on dormant bark.  It hopefully will kill the 3-4 inch trunks since we will hand spray the solution onto the stems about 18 inches up allowing it to drip down the bark to the root collar. 

Using some of the materials I received at my Coverts Project Seminars, both of us read the sections on invasive species control before we headed to the garage (as well as the hardware store) for our weapons of choice.

Then we began our plight.  Along the perimeter of our property we traveled slowly and methodically knowing that come early Spring another application would be useful.


Stopping occasionally to dig out a few smaller roots, we saw that the Bittersweet had latched on to our fence.  We dug, cut and sprayed.

Spotting a few Cedars on our neighbor's property being strangled, we walked through the woods to reach them. Severing the vines and applying the mixture to the section protruding from the ground, we knew all too well that if cut, the invasive plant would just generate a multitude of new shoots.

Hopefully we saved a few Cedars this week and since the herbicides we used have a minimal effect on the soil, the remaining habitat will survive.

In the Spring, although we know we will, once again, treat any new sprouts, it should be a little easier if we resort to using the big guns.

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Pamela Gordon said…
That is quite a chore for you and I hope this method works.
carol l mckenna said…
Wow! great shots but you have your work cut out for you both (pun intended)

Hope you are having some fun time too!

Happy Week to you,
artmusedog and carol
Ann said…
that's quite the undertaking but it looks like you're well armed for the job
VioletSky said…
Oh my, that looks like a lot of hard labour! But it will be worth the effort in the end.
Rambling Woods said…
I admire you two for taking on that task..
Andrea said…
That sounds difficult, we have some stranglers here too but they are easier killed when done at early stages. I am envious of your equipment. It looks like you have a somewhat boring job for others, but for me that is a lovely one.
eileeninmd said…
Wow, that is a lot of work. It is good to get rid of the invasive plants. I am sure the Cedar will be happy. :)

Enjoy your day!
Hootin' Anni said…
...but all your long hours, back-breaking work will pay off in the long run. [just glad it was YOU and not me. lol]
betty-NZ said…
Sometimes, you wish the pretty flowers would be so prolific! I do hope the treatment works.
Gosh yes that's the down side of gardening. Long hours of hard work you had. Hopefully your method will work!
Bee Lady said…
We have 37 acres and a lot of invasive species ( and poor ash trees too). What an undertaking!

Cindy Bee

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