The Unrelenting Showoff

There it stood.
Wings spread, drying or sunning perhaps.

Yet, after a while, I began to think it must be dry by now.

Minutes passed and I finally came to the conclusion that he was an...

noun: showoff
  1. a person cormorant who acts pretentiously or who publicly parades themselves, their possessions, or their accomplishments.

Then there are those that are more sedate..minding their own business...just happy to co-exist.

So, are we like them OR are they like us?
 Have you ever noticed that with the critters you come across or hang out with?

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eileeninmd said…
Great post and thoughts. I like the Cormorants. Yes, I know a few people who show off all they have and what they do.
We do not have many possessions we live a simple life in the same house for close to 26 years. In fact we are trying to downsize even more. My hubby and I enjoy the outdoors and the simple pleasures. Thanks for sharing, enjoy your day!
Bee Lady said…
Had to be a male!!!!

Cindy Bee
MadSnapper said…
he is drying his wings so he can fly, since they are diving birds and go under water to fish, they have to dry off. of course he is a male and might be showing off while he drys... i love seeing them like this... wish we could co exist like the birds do.
Ann said…
yep that's a show off alright :)

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