Thanks to the surge in social media over the past few years, I'm sure you all know what "BFF" means, right?  So many abbreviations and acronyms to keep up with that sometimes, my head spins.  However, I'm officially expanding "BFF"  by one important letter...D. So for me...for the Pres and is now referred to as B"D"FFs and here's why.

A few weeks ago, Moon hurt her left front paw running too fast around a sharp corner.  No whimper except when the joint was squeezed.  Although she limped for a day or two, it seemed to take forever to mend. Each time, I let the kids outside, I told Copper, "take care of your sister."


He did.

 He would hang out at her side like a faithful best dog forever friend should.
  In fact, when I was squeezing her leg and she let out that whimper, he came running, placing his entire body between Moon and I.  Her paw has since healed.  Now I just have to figure out a way to get her to "walk" when I tell her "home."

Anyone have any suggestions to slow down an exuberant Husky Shepherd?

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eileeninmd said…
Cute story, they are best dog friends. I love the photo!

Merry Christmas to you and your family. I wish you all the best in the New Year.
Pamela Gordon said…
That is sweet. I think dogs have that sense when their 'friends', both 4 and 2-legged, are hurting. Have a wonderful Christmas JP. Enjoy!
Mary Hone said…
So sweet. These two watch out for each other too. Mostly Torrey watching out for Roxy.
MadSnapper said…
Jake misses his BDFF a lot. i just love this photo of them sitting together. made me feel good
Anonymous said…
What a sweet picture.
NCSue said…
That would be a delightful place to sit and relax!
Thanks for linking up at
Rambling Woods said…
No ideas as I have always had cats..... Michelle
We all need a friend like that.

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