It's A Start

Walking into the woods together, the Pres suggested we start on the left side of the short trail.  Although it is our neighbor's property, we knew what we were doing would be okay with him.

Pointing to the first bittersweet vine, I walked over and clipped it with the lopers.  But then I saw what I was up against.

The next few we came across required much bigger and stronger hands...hands carrying power tools.

Can you see the diameter of that vine in relation to the Pres' hands?  I've always loved his "big mitts" as I call them.  They come in handy when a girls is chilly let alone when working.  Look at the twisted one in the photo below.  

Looking up at the trees we're trying to save, we could see the bittersweet at the top.  What is really interesting is how this stuff latches on.  In fact, today I noticed some thin vines that have once again latched onto one of our pines.  However, where the Pres cleared a few years ago remains pretty good which gives me hope.

We only worked for a few hours that day.

But it's a start.


Anonymous said…
They look incredibly tough.
Linda said…
We have 60 acres down here ( and my brother 60 more acres!). I wouldn't even have the foggiest idea what vine we would be cutting, so nature will have its course. Linda@Wetcreek Blog
MadSnapper said…
that is a handy dandy little saw in the big hands. bob would love that.
eileeninmd said…
Wow, that is thick! Clipper would never work. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!
Ann said…
Holy heck those are huge. Thankfully you've got help working on that stuff
That twisted vine is so neat!
Rambling Woods said…
That is so thick.. why are the things that need taking out the ones that are the most difficult to take out?

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