Let The Sun Shine

A week ago today, we went live...our solar system, that is!  What seemed like an eternity for the day to arrive, was over within minutes.  Greeting the technician at the front door, I  no sooner introduced him to the Pres and the two of them were off.  Verifying all the electrical work done previously, he walked over to the "net meter", opened an adjoining box labelled SOLAR, and literally flipped a switch.

Then the three of us stood there staring at numbers and arrows. Explaining the difference between when we use energy compared to when produce it, it really sounded so simple.

 Bottom line is this.  Even though it was cloudy and rainy for two days when we went live, we produced power, which says to me that we should be well on our way come Spring, Summer and Fall.

So every day, rather than going outside to read the meters, I merely pull up the URL address for our system and peek at just what's (or should I say WATTS) going on?

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MadSnapper said…
your home is beautiful and i like that last shot of the deck. it appears to be snowing. LOL.. and that is great news on solar plus you can view on line. how cool is that?
eileeninmd said…
Hello, congrats on going live...with the solar..That is awesome. Have a happy day and week ahead..
Ann said…
Hooray for going live. How fascinating to watch the progress of your watts :)
diane said…
Wow....that's great. Keep us posted on how it progresses :-D
diane @ thoughts & shots
How cool! Let us know how you like it! Love the peek at your home, too! :)

Jane x
Rambling Woods said…
Ohhhh.. You are the first person that I know of... Michelle
Texan said…
Congrats, looking forward to regular reports on how this all goes! Would love to do this here!
Pamela Gordon said…
I think that's awesome that you're 'off the grid'. Glad it is working for you!
Barb said…
This is great! We've considered putting solar on our house, but we're not sure with all our snow if it would work. Will enjoy updates on how it's working for you.

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