Pay It Forward

Going to Walmart early, I navigated the near empty isles picking up the things I came for and headed to the registers. Walking out to my car, I noticed that I had lost my left glove yet also saw that I had plenty of time to put the bags in the car and return to ask if anyone had turned it in.  So, back into the store I went re-visiting all the isles I had been in.  But nothing.  Last stop was the Customer Service Desk. Again, nothing.

Disappointed that no one had found my well-worn, black, thinsulate lined, leather glove, I once again left and headed to the gym for my workout. After the gym, I ran into a dear, sweet man that I met last year about this time who'd told me of his open heart surgery and extensive recovery.  In fact, his experiences helped me prepare for what the Pres had to go through this year.   However, I hadn't seen this dear, sweet man for a few months but remembered how we met.

I had seen him numerous times working out the same days as I did. Then right before Christmas last year, I struck up a conversation with him, mentioning how much I loved fruit cake and hoped someone in my family would give me one for Christmas. Well, it was then and there that I learned that Dean shared the same love for fruitcake.

Last year, I received five fruitcakes for Christmas so when it was time to head to the back to the gym after the holidays, I brought one in for Dean.  Wrapping it in the pretty green Saran Wrap and topping it with a bright, shiny, red bow, I gave it to him.  Beaming from ear to ear,
 he was over the top with appreciation and we've chatted regularly ever since.

Anyway, he and I exchanged Merry Christmas hugs and then turning to his daughter, he said, "She's the one that gave me the fruitcake last year." My heart melted and immediately knew what I had to do as he told me of his injured back and upcoming surgery, telling me I would see him after the new year.

Yep...I ran back to Walmart to buy the ingredients needed to make a fruitcake for Dean.
 I mean really!!! How could I not? 

 Oh, one more thing. On my return visit to the store, I stopped at the courtesy desk. Someone had turned in my favorite, well worn, thinsulate lined, black leather glove! 
Giving the women at the courtesy desk all a Merry Christmas hug too, I left heading home to bake!!

to be continued...tomorrow

"The Perfect Gift"


Felicia said…
Merry Christmas Jp
Love this kind of story. Merry Christmas!
Linda said…
Christmas Cheer! And warm hands, too! Linda@Wetceek Blog
Anonymous said…
'Tis the season to think of others. Merry Christmas
MadSnapper said…
a super great Christmas tale if i ever heard one. so glad you met him and found your glove and now he will get a present.
Ann said…
We stopped carrying fruit cake in our store. No one buys it any more. You are such a sweetheart to make him one
Betty said…
I enjoyed your story. Have a Merry Christmas. I hope your husband is doing OK...I haven't been keeping up lately.
Sometimes the unexpected turns out to be better than anything ever expected could have been. Now, Dean will get a Christmas goodie and you have your favorite glove back!
Merry Christmas, JP, to you and yours!
Texan said…
Merry Christmas!!!

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