By definition (according to Google) means:


past tense: stumped; past participle: stumped


(of a question or problem) be too hard for; baffle.

"education chiefs were stumped by some of the exam questions"

synonyms: baffle, perplex, puzzle, confuse, confound, defeat, put at a loss;

  1. Remember the 500 piece puzzle that I "had to have"?

  2. Well, before the Pres and I decided to open the box, he suggested that he make something to place under it so it could easily be moved. In fact, the old boy even told me he was going to put a small lip around the edges so pieces wouldn't fall off. Impressive, right?

NOTE TO SELF: sometimes, he is just so thoughtful

SECOND NOTE TO SELF: of course, this occurred right before Christmas

So, off he went into his garage returning a short time later with this framed plexiglas tray. When he walked into the house with it, I exclaimed, "Honey, that thing is huge!! "

"Hon, did you look at the dimensions of the finished puzzle?"

Then double yikes!

As I began flipping over the 500 pieces, time passed.

Just so you know
(because you too did not look at the dimensions of the finished puzzle),
it will measure
23 X 38.5

  1. After seeing the dimensions and the additional details on the box, our goal is to JUST finish the puzzle...LOL!  So, picture this. Here we sit stumped as we put together a puzzle that has no border, has animals hidden within the eagle as well as numerous animal shaped pieces. Now I know why it was such a bargain! 


MadSnapper said…
all i can say through my shock is GOOD LUCK. Jo in Africa frames hers and hangs on the walls. she has stunning elephants.. are you framing yours
Anonymous said…
Good thing you can move it around when aren't going to finish that one in a day lol.
Ann said…
Wow, that's big and NO border? YIKES. good luck with that one
What a fun photo, and puzzle too -- We used to put one together every Christmas too. A tradition that I think needs to be brought back next year!

I've been on a bit of a blogging-break, and it's good to be back and catch up a little this evening. I hope you continue to enjoy your holidays, and I wish you all the very best for the New Year!!

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