Time To You Know What

While the Pres put up the swags and wreaths outside, I began the inside.  He's finished.  I'm not!

Of course, he had only six swags and five wreaths to hang while I have boxes and bags of stuff  Christmas decorations to sort through.  Deciding that I wanted red this year, all the silver and blue remained in boxes...all except my silver reindeer, of course.  He's one of my favorites which I'm sharing with you and those at  

Do you have any favorites that you put up at Christmas time?


Ann said…
sounds like the Pres got the easy part of this deal...lol. I let my daughter do all my decorating this year. Things aren't where I would have put them but I just don't care.
eileeninmd said…
Love the mosaic and Christmas decorations. I love the cute owl ornament. This year I went with the "less is more" attitude. Happy Tuesday, enjoy the week ahead!
Anonymous said…
I put my snowmen out every year and the lovely snowflakes my mom crocheted.
MadSnapper said…
my favorite thing i always put out is my two rein deer on the shelf in the nook. last two years my tree was silver and white, this year i added red and green. same tree but one year i stuck roses in it,
diane said…
What lovely decorations.
Sadly, all of mine will remain in their boxes this year. But I'm okay with that.
Keep decorating :-D
diane @ thoughts & shots
Rambling Woods said…
I like your decorations.... Michelle
Pamela Gordon said…
Lovely Christmas decorations JP. I use a lot of red at Christmas...it's the only time of year I enjoy it in my decor.
Yes, we do have favorites and this year we have already put up quite a few. And, I also decorated our apt entry. Thanks for sharing the photos of your decorations.
Your place must look so festive!

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