Back Roads Are The Best

 Being raised in the country has influenced both the Pres and I when it comes to many things.  When we were young, although we didn't know each other, back roads were always "special" especially when it came to romantic nights...if you know what I mean.  

Now that we're older, back roads still offer nice attractions.  We love them.  Country settings never disappoint regardless of how you look at them...

close up

in the rear view mirror

or in black & white

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abrianna said…
Great perspective and pretty shots.
Meryl Baer said…
We also love to travel off the beaten path. Always more interesting than the main roads and interstates.
Bee Lady said…
Anytime I can take a back road, I do. Always.
And yes, they are more romantic!

Cindy Bee
Gemma Wiseman said…
At the moment, my peninsula is riddled with summer holidaymakers. I try to keep away from the crowds, and often the hinterland countryside attracts me. Find a shady bush walk and I am happy. Lovely scenes.
These are beautiful pictures and I truly hear what you feel about the backroads. They were a huge part of my life in rural Illinois growing up. The best and worst of times. In high school we did our 'partying' along the roads. Finding little spots with creeks to sit and enjoy the water, walk across on downed tree limbs. And a long story short, I was in a horrific car accident in a van that veered off a backroad in my teens that left me for almost dead. Four months hospitalized and 3 surgeries later I survived. Too painful to write on my blog and yes, for me the past is the past. So the backroads are good and bad.

Love and Happy New year, dear girl.

Jane x
Ann said…
you are so right. I love all the looks.
It's kind of like they say on the Farmers Only dot com commercial. "City folks just don't get it" :)
Dragonstar said…
Very attractive black and white photo.
Ruth Kelly said…
I like the second one best where you can see the mirror.
RobertN said…
Beautiful post.
Happy New Year!
betty-NZ said…
Oh, how right you are! Back roads are awesome! Love your shots.
Stewart M said…
I think that I like the black and white shot the most - can't really say why!

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

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