Change In My Perspective

It was time for my annual eye exam. Why I didn't take the camera out of my purse before I left the house, I'll never know.

And it was the very, very, over booked ophthalmologist that began caused my attitude.

Hence, I decided to stop to get photos of these horses.  What was I thinking!?

It was the's always about the fences.

Little did I know that I hardly got any FENCE in the photos...LOL!

Intentionally enlarging this last shot, because:

1.  there is NO FENCE
2.  the darn horse is out of focus

Perhaps the change in  perspective isn't that bad after all.

However, considering I had those stupid drops put in your eyes and wore those goofy tinted inserts in my glasses to drive home, it actually didn't come out that bad, right?

Sharing the change in my perspective with you and those at


Anonymous said…
I like it, no need to change! :):):)
Ann said…
I like it. I would tell everyone I meant to take the shot that
You are being way too hard on yourself. These are pictures to be enjoyed, not win awards. We do our best. I've been down on myself lately for grabbing my cell when I should have my Canon ready. I see the bad quality of my photos and yeah, it makes us feel bad to post something inferior. Still...beautiful horses beat out a faded Christmas tree anytime!!

Jane x
Mimsie said…
You did rather well...considering. When I have those drops in my eyes I can't stand being outside without dark glasses for several hours let alone think of driving. Hope your eye test was OK.
MadSnapper said…
i love the blurry horse and despise the blurry look after drops are put in my eyes. mine take about 6 hours or more to get back to normal. bob's takes 2.
Anonymous said…
Not bad at all.
If I use my cell phone camera that happens to me all the time. I can't seem to get it to focus where I want. But I do like the last shot just the way it is. - Margy
Unknown said…
It actually went pretty well, and the snowflakes added to the drama with your horses. ;) love them! ♥
Rambling Woods said…
I like the photos... It's all about the memories... Michelle
Happy New Year from our house to your house. I liked how the horse was out of focus it gave me a new perspective on seeing things. Agree with Rambling Woods about the memories.
JM, Illinois
NCSue said…
With pupils the size of dinner plates, it's a challenge to focus, isn't it? I always hate having my eyes dilated.
Thanks for sharing at
TexWisGirl said…
you did great. i posted a couple of similar out-of-focus shots of my horses last weekend, too. :)
carol l mckenna said…
You did well considering you just had an eye exam ~ Love the horses and there is a bit of fence in one of the photos ~

Lea said…
You did very well!
Ida said…
Wonderful horses behind those fences. I also really like that last shot.
Felicia said…
nope they look pretty good to me.
Happy New Year. Love the horses. I am sure they were fenced in.
eileeninmd said…
Hi JP, love the horses and fence shots. Those drops are awful, I had it done recently too. Enjoy your evening and the weekend ahead!

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