Destination: Food

It was time to leave the park and head to breakfast.  Suddenly, just as we crested the hill, the bird flew across, landing in a nearby tree.

Since I was following the others, I had to stop.  No one was behind me.

It seemed to scan it's territory as I waited patiently for it's next move.  Like me (us), it was interested in food.

All I got was the turning of it's head before it was time to follow the others to our next destination...breakfast.

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Oh, one more thing.
Our breakfast was delicious.
I wonder if he enjoyed his.


eileeninmd said…
Hello, nice sighting of the hawk! I love to see them, I just can not watch them eat. Happy Wednesday, enjoy your day!
Susie said…
What a beauty. I hope it found a mouse for breakfast. Hope you got some good food too. Blessings, xoxo,Susie
Anonymous said…
No fast food restaurant for that guy.....
E. Beth. said…
ok, maybe i just need to eat dinner, but i was really hoping to see some food?? silly you, i am afraid i don't really enjoy hawk. thank you very much, i will pass, OM. ha. ha!! you are too too funny. thanks for the laughs. ( :

we are expecting snow, we will see?! i am kind of hoping but i know it is not what others want. we have not had a good snow storm in years. stay warm.
Debbie said…
all of my hawk images look about the same. but bare branches are better than branches with leaves!!!

these are nice captures, i enjoy seeing them but not in my backyard...feasting on my little birdies!!!

i like your snow, we are expecting snow on saturday and i can't wait. fingers crossed but i think it is a definite!!!!

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