Look Up

Thanks to the encouragement of a few close friends, I put together a few photos along with a few stories and created a book via Shutterfly.

Of course, I had to share a story or two along the way, like the time the adult snuck up on me, landed in a tree above my head and let out THE LOUDEST SHRIEK ever!

While I seriously thought I was going to die, he apparently wanted me to move on.

Sharing with you and those at

Oh, one more thing.
If you're an avid birder, you know the importance of "bird residue."
There's a bunch of it in and around the Eagles nesting vicinity...yeah!
I have pix if you want to see them.


Rambling Woods said…
This is a wonderful keepsake... Michelle
Ann said…
This is awesome. What a wonderful treasure
Anonymous said…
That is so professional looking...a real 'coffee table' book. Are you going into production? I'd buy one if you were.
Neil said…
Great Idea and keepsake.
Mimsie said…
What a fantastic idea. How fortunate to have that pair as neighbours.
Several people I know have also created photo books via Shutterfly, JP, and it is a wonderful way to remember special things, which in your case, are these magnificent birds.
BumbleVee said…
Wow.... looks very professional....... and, what fun to have your own photos in your own book!
What a fun thing to do!! And you (and everybody else) will thoroughly enjoy it over the years.
I have followed the stories of two Bald Eagle pairs in Vancouver, as well as that of an Osprey pair in North Vancouver so I have an idea how much "your" pair means to you. The photographs in your book look wonderful. What a great idea!
Sylvia said…
JP, The book about your friends the eagles is great! The photos look wonderful. That is such a good idea! Sylvia D.

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