Replacement Needed

When the EMTs came over to my car to help me out, they wanted to put a neck brace on me before loading me onto the stretcher.  Removing my tried and true, "old faithful" multicolored scarf before unbuckling my seat-belt and then my jacket, the EMTs kept telling me not to move.

Made by "Mudd" and of a wool blend, I think, it had almost a popcorn stitch look.  It had just about every color imaginable...turquoise, pink, orange, olive green, brown, black, white, tan...and had the cutest ruffled edges on the ends. It was warm, soft and cuddly...:)

I wore it with just about every Winter vest, jacket or coat I own.  However, because I was, shall we say, "preoccupied" with being loaded into the ambulance to watch where it went or what the EMTs did with it, I just don't know what happened to it.

It wasn't with me at the ER and it wasn't in my car when the Pres went to the garage where it was towed. When we got home from the hospital that day, my brain was a little foggy, so I didn't think about it until a few days after the accident, when the Pres insisted that I get in the truck to get out for a while.

Needless to say, "old faithful" is gone.  Perhaps I can find one to take it's place with Winter things being on clearance.  Did I tell you that I only paid $1.60 for it?  Yep.  Four years ago my BFF and I went shopping in Kohl's.  Looking through their Winter clearance, she came across what became known as "old faithful".  She put it on her charge and had a 30% off coupon.  I love deals!

Let the search begin.

Oh, but before I go scarf hunting, I have to get a car.
  Mine was totaled.  Seven air bags deployed because of the "moderate to severe impact."
  The Pres and I are lucky...very fortunate, in fact.
  Today, we went to the dealership to reserve a 2016 as my replacement, since mine only had 5300 miles at 7 months old!  It is identical to the 2015...same packages and everything, which was exciting!  


Betty said…
I'm sorry old faithful is gone, but the important thing is that you aren't gone. The poor car is gone though. I'm glad you're able to get another one that you like. Wow...5,000+ miles isn't very much at all.
Bee Lady said…
Oh my gosh! I just now saw this. I'm glad you are ok! Is the Pres's heart ok after all of that? Scary! Did you call the EMTs at the hospital and ask them if they had your scarf. I made My Shug's mom a pair of handwarmers for Mother's Day. She wore them every day that she had them, but passed away three weeks later. I called around and I found them at the funeral home.

Cindy Bee
carol l mckenna said…
Oh I am so glad you and the Pres are doing okay despite the loss of your 'old faithful' scarf ~ it may show up yet ~ Be well ~ glad your new car is coming ~ be safe ~ xox

Happy Week to you ~ ^_^
Sylvia said…
JP, I hope the old faithful colorful scarf does make its way back to you. That day other things were the priority. A nearly the same replacement!! Sylvia D.

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