The Cat's Meow

There are so many thing I just do not know about Blogger.  For instance, recently I opted for "Comment Moderation."  Why?  Well, to tell you the truth, there were two reasons.  Spam was the first reason and the second was that I noticed so many bloggers had the message return "Your comment will be published after blogger approval" (or something like that) when I left a comment, I thought maybe I should follow the crowd.  

Hesitant to change it because I know that sometimes my schedule doesn't give me much time to jump on email, which is how I assumed I would "manage" the comment, I clicked on the "Save Changes" button.  Boy was I totally WRONG!  When I sign in to Blogger, there's a little tiny message that tells me "comments waiting."

Gosh, trying new things when you're older is the cats meow!!

Now, since I don't have a cat any more, my real mission today was to show you

The Sycamore

Isn't it the cat's meow?

Finally, before you leave, check out this picture of a painting I found hanging on the wall in Cabella's.  (I wish I knew who the artist was to give them credit, but I was elated that I found it.)

The Ducks (another cat's meow!)


Susie said…
I do not mess with blogger...they make me crazy. I am so afraid of losing my blog and files...that I usually leave things alone. I wish you the best. You are more computer savvy than I am, I am sure. Blessings to all, xoxo,Susie
p.s. love the picture in your previous post
Gayle said…
Firstly, the photos are great. A stately tree and lively ducks.
Secondly, Thanks for the explanation of comment approval. I'll pass on it for now since I don't have a spam problem at the moment. In fact since 'Google Gate' (my term) those that follow me have taken a dive. But I 'followed' my friend connects with Google+ so I am still keeping up with everyone and get lots of comments by linking with memes.
Isn't life grand? Well come to think of it, it is :)
Alexander said…
Beautiful shot of the bare tree.

Have a good weekend!

Alex's World! -
Terra said…
I have that comment moderation for my own blog and I like how it works. Blogger tells me when I log in, as you mentioned, how many comments are waiting moderation. I approve of 99 percent of the comments, but it does catch the occasional spam which I do NOT want to allow. That is a lovely sycamore, and art work of the ducks too.
Ann said…
I haven't had much of a problem with spam. It's been a long time since anything has gotten past the spam blocker. I have noticed a lot of blogs switching to comment moderation though.
Love the shot of the tree
Photo Cache said…
Both beautiful.

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said…
Fabulous shots! I'm on Wordpress so don't know anything about Blogger.
There are a lot of things I don't understand about blogger too. I tell myself that learning more would be a good thing, but then go and do something many things to do and finding time for all is a challenge. Like yourself, we are busy all the time.
eileeninmd said…
Hello JP, knock on wood I have not had too much trouble with blogger. I do get spam and I do moderate my comments and just delete the spam. The captcha's thingys get on my nerves but blogger said they are keeping it to be rid of some of the spam. I like the duck photo and your beautiful tree an sky shot. Happy weekend!
Hmmmmm.....I still get an email when there's a comment for moderation and I read the comment and choose whether to delete it or publish it. I like comment moderation because there are some "different" people out there.

I certainly don't get enough comments that it takes much time to do. Perhaps if I posted more, huh? Have a good day.

Betty said…
I have it set up to moderate comments more than 14 days old. To leave comments I believe it's set up for people that belong to blogger only. I did that years ago when I was getting lots of spam. I'll probably never change my blog layout or the header. I did it years ago and no longer remember how. With my luck it would be messed up forever if I tried anything new.
Dragonstar said…
Lovely light on the tree, and the picture you found is great.
Anonymous said…
super photo of the ducks
Rambling Woods said…
Lovely tree... I left blogger in 2008

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