Today Is Lab Day

Attending my first two years of college at the Waterbury branch of UConn, there are things I remember as if it was yesterday. For instance, coming from the an outlying town meant that I had to take the bus from Middlebury, once I got a ride to Middlebury. The last stop was, of course, "The Green" in Waterbury.

Once off the bus, I would begin my daily trek up Prospect Street to reach the local branch's campus on now historic Hillside Avenue.  Heading for "the cafe" before classes started for the day, I would organize my assignments and thoughts.

I had Chemistry on Friday afternoons, followed by the three hour lab ending at 5 pm.
Why in Heavens name I selected that class for Fridays I'll never know but every Friday, as I trudged up the steep hill, I would say to is lab day.

However, now...older, settled in, retired, without pressure of schedules, assignments and classes, when I say
today is lab day, it has an entirely different meaning.

Yes, Copper, today is Lab Day!

Note to readers:
Between me feeling exhausted and after having a very rough night with Copper Thursday, this is what you got today for "critters."  The boy, my Bonehead, is feeling better today though which is a huge relief.  And me, I am going to get some rest.  Being a doggie Mom can be exhausting! 


Susie said…
I don't even own a dog and yet I feel wore out from worrying about someone's dog. There's a huge and I do mean huge dog (St. Benard) over in our area . I called around about him and found out he had been hit by a car and the owners were sending their boys to get him. Thank goodness. He's up and walking around. I am hoping for the best. I love the picture of your dog peeking in. Blessings to you, xoxo,Susie
Ann said…
How cute he looks peeking in through the door. Glad he's feeling better, now go get yourself some sleep :)
Breathtaking said…
Há Há!! How sweet, what a lovely capture!:)
Betty said…
It's no fun when they're not feeling well. If only the could talk and tell us. I guess you're from CT originally? I didn't realize.
Nina said…
Good he is getting well ~ now you take care of yourself and get a good rest! :)
I think the hardest day (Friday) might have made you joyful of the upcoming weekend. I often felt that way. Good for you for trudging through.

Feel better soon. Abby cam home with a terrible sore throat, she spreads her germs everywhere and then leaves. I accidentally drank from her water bottle. Say a prayer. And get better soon!

Jane x
eileeninmd said…
Hello JP, I am glad Copper is feeling better. It is hard on doggie moms when our furbabies are sick. Cute photo.
Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Sunday, enjoy your new week!
EG CameraGirl said…
I love how Copper is poking his nose through the door! Cute photo of the beginning of a "lab day."
Rambling Woods said…
Every day is lab day!
Anonymous said…
haha! took me a minute to spot your spy!
Anonymous said…
How cute!

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