A New Vehicle

One week after the accident, Luke called bright and early wanting to know if we wanted to go "look for a strong, sturdy, well-built, reputable vehicle for you to drive."  Although the Pres was still sleeping, I accepted the invitation for both of us, thinking I guess I should comparison shop.

Picking us up at 8:30, after stopping for coffee, we headed South.  Pulling into the lot I couldn't help but spot the sign:   

AUCTION Jan 29th

 While we were there, we decided that one of these might be just perfect for me.  The only problem was that none of them came in GREEN or with airbags!

Sharing a new vehicle, although not mine, with you and those at


Ann said…
you had me fooled. I thought you already got your new set of wheels
MadSnapper said…
I got all excited when i saw the title. though i would find a new car for you here. but these are really cool big new machines.
eileeninmd said…
LOL, one of these big machines may be safer for you! One can not miss the bright color. Happy February, enjoy your new week!
Debbie said…
this looks a bit like our fleet!! before retiring, the hubs and I did earth work and underground utilities. he worked on the job, i ran the office, of course!!!!
Anonymous said…
They look like they would be fun and useful...until it was time to go grocery shopping that is.
Not that is heavy machinery...not Tonka toys!

and LivingFromHappiness
Yuo fooled me too, JP, and like Sandra I was looking forward to seeing your new vehicle. Those big yellow ones would certainly be quite visible.
Haha, you've got to like yellow if you want one of these. I'd pass too. :-)

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