Carrying The Load

Although the title may seem a little odd, you'll understand it better by the time you get to the end of the post.


Thursday afternoon...time to go outside with the dogs for our afternoon "walk-about."  This is where the three of us meander around the yard.  I scoop poop and they get their juices flowing by doing a lot of sniffing, hence making more poop for me to scoop.

Apparently, we've had rabbits coming in the yard again because both Moon and Copper are experts when it comes to finding rabbit turds.  I don't like it when they get to the little poop-balls before I do because they eat them!  Ewwwwww....yuck!

However, in speaking with a good friend and dog lover, I was told that rabbits are vegetarians and it's "okay for them to eat  rabbit poop."  Ewwwwww....yuck!

Making my way around the yard, I noticed that Moon had just taken a big dump.  Pushing it up onto the larger shovel with the smaller one, I walked over to the spot where we have the "doggie dooly" and plop, I was done.

But I kept on smelling poop.  Doing a quick boot check revealed nothing.  Examining the shovels revealed nothing.  It seemed the fragrance was behind me.

Ewwwww....YUCK!  I found it.

Apparently when I headed back to the house and hoisted the small flat shovel up and over my shoulder, a little plop of poop fell into my hood.

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Ann said…
LOL Thanks for the laugh, I needed that this morning.
Duke used to be famous for finding rabbit poop snacks in the yard and then he would come in and think he was going to give me kisses.
NanaDiana said…
EWWWWW--lol Just trying to get a few 'catch up' visits in! Hope you smell better today! xo Diana---lol
eileeninmd said…
Oh my, that would be a smelly load to carry! Sorry, yuck! Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!
Well I am sorry I am laughing at you or with you I am not sure :):) Hugs B
MadSnapper said…
ow noooooooooooooo and ewwwwwwwwwwww not in your hood... no wonder the smell was following you. we use a bread bag on our hand and a Walmart bag to put the poop in. but that requires walking and bending over. we hang it on a hook on the fence and once a week tie it in a knot and toss in the trash.. the lizards have there own buffet because the bag draws gnats.
Susie said…
JP...ooky, Hold the rabbit poo I do not want any. We have two big old rabbits hopping in our yard..they will be trapped and taken to the big woods down the road. I tell my daughter to make a fenced in run just for dog dumping. :) Blessings, wear your hood up .xoxo,Susie
Inger said…
I have had many poop mishaps but never one like this. Sorry, but it is kind of funny!
I'm gagging just thinking about it.........

Ewwww! Could've happened to anyone but glad you found the source!
Sally Wessely said…
Oh my. That is not a fun discovery to make, but I'm glad you found it before you went inside. We have SO many rabbits. Thankfully, Boston doesn't eat their poop. He just scares them away.
Mimsie said…
Definitely Ewwwwwww...yuk!! How long did it take you to get the smell from your hood? I shudder even thinking about it.
Not sure I'd want my animals eating rabbit poop even if rabbits are vegetarian but guess others know more about that type of thing than I do.
Bee Lady said…
Eeeww yuck! Lolol!
I was just yelling at Dixie the other day to "get in here and stop eating poop!"

Cindy Bee
Rambling Woods said…
Oh dear.... as they say.. poop happens..... Michelle
I'm sorry. I can't help but laugh. However, I can see that happening.
Barb said…
Oh my gosh - so funny! Don't be slinging that shovel around. A vet once told me that dogs who eat poop from non-carnivorous animals need veggies in their diet. (Mine had an appetite for deer duds.)
Florence said…
I'm glad you found the load and dumped it! lol!!

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